UniFi Identity
  • 10 May 2023
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UniFi Identity

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Article Summary

Empower the Workspace of Tomorrow
Digital transformation and COVID-19 have changed the way we work. UniFi Identity is redefining the workspace of tomorrow, making digital and physical workspaces as secure, smart, and simple as ever.
UniFi Identity is officially launched in the US. The Early Access version is now available in Canada, the UK, and the EU.
UniFi Identity Shapes the Future of Workspace
Security is our top priority. User access for networks, doors, cameras, applications, and other resources are all controlled and managed on a centralized portal.
UniFi Identity creates a smart workspace to help IT, HR, and all employees simplify their routine tasks and focus on more important tasks.
The seamless user experience lets users access WiFi, VPN, and other resources with a simple click, and allow them to log in to other integrated third-party services via SSO.

Centralized Access Control
Securely access your network, apps, building doors, and more.
Enhanced Network Security
Connect to corporate WiFi and VPN in the easiest, fastest, and safest way.
A Unique Password for Every Account
All authorized users must use their unique passwords to connect to their corporate network.
Automatic Password Rotation
Admins can set password age to prevent password attacks and exploits.
One-Click Connection
Users can access corporate WiFi and VPN with a simple click, without the hassle of entering credentials.
Multi-Platform Support
UniFi Identity is available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
Adaptive Authentication System
Implement adaptive authentication to maximize workspace security and minimize data breaches.
Adaptive Security Policy
Context-Based Authentication Policy
Automatically adjust the authentication requirements based on network location, device platform, client device, user behavior, identity provider, risk scoring, and other authentication factors.
Stronger Password Protection
Enforce account security by customizing password rules and forbidding users from using simple or common passwords.
Multi-Factor Authentication
Ensure context-aware security through frictionless authentication methods.
Google Authenticator
Security Questions
Single Sign-On Apps
Authenticate user access to multiple apps using one set of login credentials.
One Portal for All Apps
All your cloud-based and on-prem apps are centralized on one portal for easy management.
Cut SaaS Costs without Sacrificing Productivity
Efficiently track and analyze the usage of SaaS tools and pay for only what you really need.
Make Zero Trust a Reality
Safeguard your digital assets against the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.
Server Sharing
Ensure the safety of sensitive resources by configuring user authorization and access control.
Principle of Least Privilege
Grant users only the minimum level of permissions required for completing their work tasks.
Safe Remote Access
VPN and WiFi users can securely access corporate resources anytime and anywhere.
Easy Resource Access
Users can easily access the resources assigned to them.
Device Trust Management
Increase work flexibility and efficiency by allowing easy yet secure access to corporate data, no matter whether you are using a company device or a personal device.
Strong Authentication
A unique certificate is assigned to every Windows PC and Mac.
Easy Device Management
Manage the lifecycle of corporate devices on an intuitive dashboard, where you can monitor device health and assign devices to employees effortlessly.
High Productivity for End-User
Users can log in to their Windows PC and Mac using their UniFi Identity accounts, eliminating desktop and laptop passwords completely yet adding an extra layer of protection.

Fast & Reliable Physical Access Control
Integrate door access and security camera systems on a centralized platform for easy management of your building doors and physical workspaces.
UniFi Identity Door Access
Securely manage your door access control system from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
Touchless Access Control
Unlock doors by waving your hand or placing your mobile phone in front of the reader, or by tapping a button on your phone.
Multiple Authentication Methods
Gain access to doors with a mobile phone, NFC card, PIN code, or hand wave.
Remote Management
Answer doorbells, chat with visitors at the doors, open doors, and manage multi-site access control matters anytime, anywhere.

Protect Camera Sharing
Safeguard your company with Protect Camera Sharing, a cloud-based and identity-centric physical security solution that ensures 24/7 surveillance. Deploy the solution to detect intrusions in real-time and view footage for post-incident analysis.
A bird's eye view of floor plans showing the deployments of door access control systems, surveillance cameras, WiFi, and other resources. This helps you detect abnormalities effortlessly.
One Portal, Comprehensive Insight
A centralized and intuitive portal for admins to simplify employee management, such as granting permissions and managing onboarding/offboarding matters.
Universal Directory
Easily import users, groups, and devices from multiple directory services and manage them all on a centralized platform.
Google Workspace
Office 365
Lifecycle Management
Keep user provisioning and deprovisioning automated yet secure. Employees are assigned privileges to resources based on their roles when joining the company, and are revoked from all company resources when leaving the company.
Organization Chart
Visualize your company's organizational structure by displaying each employee's role and the reporting relationships across the organization. Information such as direct reports is editable to ensure the chart is always up-to-date.
Support for Multiple Identity Providers
Streamline User Authentication
Save IT admins the hassle of creating an UniFi Identity account for each employee. All they need to do is to link an identity provider (IdP) to UniFi Identity, and employees can log in to UniFi Identity with their existing accounts.
Eliminate Password Fatigue
Employees only need to use their IdP accounts to log in to UniFi Identity and other enterprise apps, without needing to remember different sets of credentials.
Multiple IdP Support
UniFi Identity supports Google, Microsoft 365, and Custom SAML.
Simplify Workflows, Enhance Productivity
Workflows & Approvals
Automate the processes of repetitive and routine tasks in just a few clicks.
Easy to Design
Customize your workflows and approvals simply through drag-and-drop.
Granular Permission Control
Specify the view and edit permission for each field of an approval form to make sure the right person has the right access permission.
Identity Verification Required
Approvers must verify their identity based on contextual policies.

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