Remote view
  • 08 Feb 2023
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Remote view

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Article Summary

The remote view allows you to check the door view in real-time and unlock the door any time. You can view the door status on the UnFi Access mobile app and UniFi Access application.

UniFi Access mobile app

  1. Open the UniFi Access app.

  2. Connect to UniFi OS

  3. Tap Doors

  4. Select a door.

  5. Click the camera icon on the Live View.
    The live view appears.

Unlock the door.Tap the Unlock.
End remote view.Tap "X".

UniFi Access application

  1. Log in to UniFi OS.

  2. Click Access.

  3. Click Locations on the right sidebar.

  4. Click the camera icon.

  5. A live view appears.

Unlock the door.Click Unlock.
End remote view.Click "X".

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