Install and Set Up the UID Agent
  • 05 Dec 2022
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Install and Set Up the UID Agent

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  • We strongly recommend backing up your UniFi OS Console and system configurations before installing the UID Agent.
  • Prior to installation, please ensure that your UniFi Access (UA) devices are online. Offline devices will not be migrated to your UID account.
  • UA PIN codes will not automatically sync to UID. To avoid door access issues, please register all of your existing PIN codes in UID.
  • If you would like to sync NFC cards that are registered in your UA system, please ensure that there are no NFC cards already registered in your UID workspace.

Add a Site (Optional)

  1. Log in to your UID Workspace.
  2. Click Applications in the left sidebar > UID Manager Portal.
  3. Go to Settings > Sites.
  4. Click Add Site.
  5. Enter the following site information:
    • Name
    • Service Area
    • Time Zone
    • Floor(s)
    • Site admin(s)
    • Address
    • Country
    • State/Province

  6. Click Add.

Install the UID Agent

  1. Log in to your UniFi Portal.
  • For first-time login, please type the console's IP in your web browser and hit enter.
  1. Select a console and hover your mouse over the UID application.
  2. Click ellipsis icon and select Install.
    Once installed, the Activate UID page will appear.
ssh root@udmp_ip
unifi-os shell
apt update & apt install uid-agent

Then, reboot your UniFi OS by entering:

ssh root@udm-ip
unifi-os shell
systemctl restart unifi-core
  • Your UniFi OS Console must be running Version 1.10.0 firmware or higher.

Set up the UID Agent

Activate the UID Agent

  1. Click I agree to UID’s Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement.
  2. Click Activate UID.
  3. Click Confirm on the following advisory page.

Enter your UID Agent token

To generate your UID Agent token:

  • UID Agent tokens can only be generated by:
    • Owners
    • Super Admins
    • Workspace IT Admins
    • Site Admins
    • Site IT Admins
    • Custom roles with UDM edit permissions
  1. Log in to your UID Workspace.
  2. Click Application > UID Manager Portal.
  3. Go to Settings > UniFi OS Consoles.
  4. Click Add UniFi OS Console.
  5. Enter the token's name and expiry policy.
  6. Click Next to create the token.
  7. Click Copy Token.


To paste the generated token:

  1. Go back to the Set Up UID Agent wizard of your UniFi Portal.
  2. Paste the token in the corresponding field.


  1. Click Next to continue to the Add Device to a Site page.

Add Device to a Site

  1. Select a workspace site from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Next to continue.

Import UniFi OS Users to UID

  • We strongly discourage selecting Delete Users from UniFi OS.
    Once initiated, all consoles users except the owner will be deleted. Deleted users will no longer be able to access the UniFi OS Portal with their Ubiquiti SSO accounts. This action cannot be undone.
  • When importing UniFi OS Console users into your UID account, you won't be able to edit email addresses that are linked to both a UID and UniFi OS Console account.
  • Users without an email address will not be imported and their profile data will be deleted when their UA/NFC card is synced.

To import users:

  1. Go to the list of UniFi OS Console users.
  2. Select the user(s) you would like to import.
  3. Click Next to continue to the Enable UID Services page.

Enable UID services

  1. Click and enable your desired servies:
Action Result
Enable One-click WiFi UID WiFi will be activated.
Enable UID Door Access All UniFi Access devices will be migrated to UID.
  1. Click Next.
    • If UID Door Access is enabled, the Add UniFi Access devices page will appear.
    • If UID Door Access is disabled, the Lauch UID page will appear.

Add UniFi Access devices

  1. Select device(s).
  2. Enter the following information for each device:
    • Door Name
    • Location
    • Direction
  3. Click Next.
  • Once your UniFi Access devices have migrated to UID, your UniFi Access log will be deleted. To retain it for your records, click Export UniFi Access Log.
  • Offline devices that are not migrated can be reset and reconfigured at any point by going to UID Access > Devices > Add Devices.

Once finished, all selected UniFi OS Console users and UID Door Access devices will be associated with your UID account.

Now, you can:

Action Result
Click Launch UID. Open the UID dashboard.
Click Back to Device. Return to the UID Agent application page.

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