Simplify Employee Attendance Management
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Simplify Employee Attendance Management

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Article Summary

UniFi Identity Attendance is a cloud-based attendance management system that generates employees' attendance records based on their office door entry and exit time. On a work day, an employee's first door entry time and last door exit time are recorded as their clock in and out time, respectively. Employees can unlock doors using NFC cards, PIN codes, or Identity mobile app.
With UniFi Identity Attendance, HRs can keep track of employees' attendance records anytime and anywhere. It automates time-consuming tasks and significantly reduces HRs' workload.

Top 5 Benefits of UniFi Identity Attendance

Easy and Convenient

Employees can clock in and out via Door Access from any office door.

Centralized Management

All attendance records of employees at the same site are centralized on the same dashboard and can be filtered by different criteria. You can locate specific records quickly and save the hassle of integrating records across platforms.

Flexible and Customizable

UniFi Identity Attendance allows customizing attendance rules for different employees, such as setting a flexible working hour rule for some and a fixed working hour rule for others. Up to three fixed working hour rules can be set.

Export Data Easily

You can easily export the attendance records of specific employees from the past 30 to 90 days, depending on the subscription plans. This saves you the hassle of needing to save the records to a different repository every once in a while.

Automatic Calculation

No need to manually calculate employees' hours of time-off or remote work. These are automatically calculated once employees submit their time-off or WFH request forms.

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