Getting Started
  • 23 May 2023
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Getting Started

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UniFi Access (UA) is a POE-powered door access control system that supports your electric bolts and strikes, magnetic locks, motion sensors, push buttons, alarms, and other 12V access accessories. With your UniFi Access application, you can also conveniently manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies.

Main Elements

  • UniFi Access Application: The control center for your Access system, hosted on the UniFi Host (UDM Pro, UDM SE, CKP). Your Access application is easily upgradable and offers a host of features that simplify access policymaking as well as personnel, space, and device management.
  • UA Hub: A secure I/O hub that authenticates inputs registered by your Access readers (UA Pro & UA Lite), push buttons, and sensors. Your UA-Hub can also control door locks, alarms, and motorized door openers.
  • UA Pro and UA Lite: The Access system's card or motion reading devices that unlock doors with a swipe of an NFC card or NFC-enabled mobile phone. Please refer to the Current and Future Access Modes section below for more information on current and future access methods.
  • UA Card: A NFC card that is specific to your Access system and encrypted with a special algorithm that cannot be replicated, unlike other NFC cards. Your Access system will support any NFC card, so you can retain your current access cards.

Comparing Door Access in UniFi Identity and UniFi Access

Both Door Access for UniFi Identity and UniFi Access adopt the UniFi Access door system hardware. One difference between the two is that UniFi Access is installed on-premises, whereas Door Access for UniFi Identity is cloud-based. This allows Door Access for UniFi Identity to provide more flexibility and support more features.

For example, Door Access for UniFi Identity allows company admins and employees to unlock doors using mobile phones.

Refer to the table below for a comparison between the two applications.

ContentUniFi AccessDoor Access for UniFi Identity
FeeFreeBasic Plan: Free
Standard Plan: $4.5 per user per month (billed annually); $5 per user per month (billed monthly)
Plan limitationsNo limitationsThe supported number of sites and users differ according to the plans
ManagementLocal managementCloud management
Application name in UniFi HostUniFi Access applicationUniFi Identity Agent application
Data storage locationOn-premisesCloud
Multiple sites managementNot supportedSupported
Retention period of activity logsBased on the HDD storage capacityBasic Plan: 30 days
Standard Plan: 90 days
Retention period of video capturesBased on the HDD storage capacityBasic Plan: 7 days
Standard Plan: 30 days
Retention period of guest informationBased on the HDD storage capacityBasic Plan: 5 guests
Standard Plan: 100 guests
Mobile access supportOnly admins can unlock doors remotely using the UniFi Access mobile appBoth admins and employees can unlock doors using the Identity app
PIN codeSupportedSupported
NFC cardSupportedSupported
Doorbell and remote door unlockingAdmins and door attendantsAdmins and employees (Optimized user experience and faster unlock speed)
DPS (Door Positioning Switch) alertsNot supportedSupported
UniFi Talk integrationNot supportedSupported
  • For small companies and family users, we recommend using UniFi Access.
  • For companies or users requiring enhanced security, multiple site management, and door unlocking feature via mobile phones, we highly recommend using Door Access for UniFi Identity. It helps cut down IT management costs and provides a better user experience.

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