• 08 Feb 2023
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Article Summary

Setup requirements

  • Since the UniFi Access setup process includes registering the Admin NFC card, it can only be performed by someone that holds the Owner, Super Admin, or Limited Admin roles in the UniFi OS Console (UDM Pro, UDM SE or CKP).

Connection and role requirements

Before setting up your Unifi Access system, please ensure that:

  • The UA-Hub and UDM Pro are connected to the same local network.
  • The UA-Pro and UA-Lite are plugged into the UA-Hub.
  • You hold an Owner, Super Admin, or Limited Admin role in the UniFi OS Console.

Hardware Requirements

  • UDM Pro, UDM SE or CKP
  • UA-Hub, UA-Pro, and UA-Lite
  • The UA-hub should connect to a PoE ++ switch or a 60W POE++ injector
  • Network cables that support PoE (network cable of Cat5E quality or higher)
  • 18-22AWG cable. Two tested cable recommendations are:

The UA setup process requires the registration of an Admin NFC card, which can only be performed by users with one of these roles.

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