Review scheduled visitors
  • 08 Feb 2023
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Review scheduled visitors

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  1. Click the All Visitors tab at the top of the Visitors menu.

  2. Review the Status designation of a specific visitor in the directory to confirm the current stage of their visit. These statuses include:

    1. Upcoming: The scheduled visit is still upcoming.
    2. Active: The time of the visit has come, but the visitor has either not arrived or has not used their NFC card.
    3. Arrived: The visitor has arrived and used their NFC card.
    4. Complete: The time of the visit is over and the visitor has completed their visit.
    5. No Show: The scheduled visit window has elapsed and the visitor did not arrive.
    6. Cancelled: The visit has been canceled.

Your UniFi Access system will automatically update visitor statuses based on the scheduled visit window, and whether or not your visitors use their assigned NFC card.

  1. Once you have made all desired edits to the visitor's access profile, click the Edit button to confirm your changes.

UniFi Access will automatically change visitor's status between Upcoming > Active > Arrived > Complete as the time of the visit comes and the visitor uses their NFC card or between Upcoming > No Show if the visitor doesn't appear.

You can also use Mark As and Cancel Visit to manually change visitor's status.

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