Set up the doorbell triggered modes
  • 08 Feb 2023
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Set up the doorbell triggered modes

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Article Summary

The Doorbell Triggered mode defines the trigger mode of the gray doorbell icon at the bottom of the UA-Pro. Follow the steps below to set up the doorbell triggered mode.

  1. Log in to UniFi OS.
  2. Go to Access.
  3. Click Devices on the right sidebar.
  4. Click the UA-Pro.
  5. Click Settings. The device settings details appear.

Select one of the following doorbell triggered modes:

Press and Hold (3s)
This is the default doorbell triggered mode.

Hold the doorbell button for three seconds to ring the doorbell.

Tap to CallSelect Tap to Call.
Allows you to tap the doorbell button to trigger the doorbell.
Disable DoorbellSelect Disable Doorbell.
The Doorbell Disabled status appears. The doorbell is unable to be rung.

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