Org Chart: An Easy Way to View and Adjust Your Organizational Structure
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Org Chart: An Easy Way to View and Adjust Your Organizational Structure

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Article Summary

In this lesson, you will learn about an important UniFi Identity feature: Org Chart.

An org chart is automatically generated based on the supervisors assigned to the users. With this chart, you can easily design and build a logical organizational structure, allowing employees to visualize their roles and responsibilities. The chart also shows the functional division of a business, company, or department, and clearly demonstrates the reporting relationships among employees in the organization.

Top 4 Benefits of Org Chart

Clear Display

The visualized reporting relationships and hierarchy of your organization let you quickly find an employee and their supervisors and subordinates, and easily understand the structures of different departments within the organization. This is especially helpful for cross-department collaboration.

Easy to Adjust

Simply click on a user's avatar to edit their profile, subordinates, and supervisor. You can also drag and drop a user to another user's avatar to change the organization chart structure.


Org Chart can satisfy all organizational structures, no matter how complex or simple. You can easily scale the chart up or down to create a chart that suits your organizational scale and employee numbers.

Quick Management

Find the user you want to manage, and click on their avatar to view and edit the user profile, such as their lifecycle, basic information, attendance reports, activities, and resources assigned to them.

Easy to Export

You can easily export certain sections of the organization chart into a .png file and share the chart with anyone, including those who do not have permission to use org chart.

Refer to this article to learn more about this feature.

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