• 29 Mar 2023
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UniFi Identity Networks currently provides two main features which are WiFi and VPN.

Both Network functions ties with UniFi Identity users' identity, admins can easily check the insights of every connection.
The data include but not limited to:

  • Device Type
  • Assignee
  • Connected Time
  • Connection Method
  • Location (VPN)
  • MFA Method (VPN)

UniFi Identity uses auto-generated password and rotation for WiFi and VPN conncections. Each expiration of generated password can be set differently according to the Security Policy.
One-Click VPN has even more secure option which requires users to verify their identity using MFA methods they registered.

Both One-Click WiFi and VPN only require one-click for users conncection. When the request of connection is sent, the system will match up the password in the RADIUS and check if the current user is in the "allowed" list. After the confirmation, the password of the user and the security protocol will be automatically filled in the client devices and internet connection is established.


Only owners and super admins have permission to edit the One-Click WiFi settings.

The admin can create a One-Click WiFi or VPN connection and assign, or block One-Click WiFi and VPN connections. Additionally, admins can set up IoT WiFi and troubleshoot the most common issues with One-Click WiFi.

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