One-Click WiFi & VPN: Simple & Secure Network Services
  • 20 Mar 2023
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One-Click WiFi & VPN: Simple & Secure Network Services

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Article Summary

One-Click WiFi

The simplest and safest way to connect to your company's WiFi.
Digital development has changed the way we live and work. But the rapid development of the network has also incurred numerous security problems, such as data breaches caused by sharing passwords among colleagues on the network. This and many other incidents have heightened enterprises' concerns over corporate network security.

While a lot of authentication services in the market can ensure a certain level of security, most of them are not easy to set up or use. Designed with simplicity in mind, One-Click WiFi can keep your corporate data secure in just a few clicks.

  • The next-generation wireless solution for your workspace
    One-Click WiFi is a high-performance wireless solution designed for your UID workspace. It allows devices such as computers (laptops and desktops), mobile devices, printers, and video cameras to easily connect to your network. Deployment of One-Click WiFi only takes a few minutes.

  • Connect to different branch offices with ease
    One-Click WiFi ensures secure access to WiFi through strict password strength rules, delivering the “one user, one account” experience throughout your networks. Needless to enter passwords, employees can connect to WiFi with a simple click no matter which branch office they are at.

  • Auto-generated passwords to enhance security
    Personal WiFi passwords are auto-generated and rotated for higher security purposes. Using complex and unique passwords for authorized users better safeguards your network. Limiting the lifespan of a password reduces vulnerability to password-based attacks and exploits.

  • Smart IoT management
    UID IoT WiFI offers a cost-effective solution for connecting all your IoT devices securely. Without needing to deploy additional physical layer protocol bridges and gateway hardware, IoT WiFi reduces human power and simplifies network architecture.

You can find more information about One-Click WiFi here.

One-Click VPN

Access your corporate VPN anywhere, anytime with a single click.

  • Protect your network's security at all times.
    One-Click VPN provides best-in-class support for enterprise telecommuting by protecting your enterprise network security. Confidential data are encrypted to prevent corporate data from being tampered with or exposed on the Internet, as well as to prevent network eavesdropping.

  • Ensure online privacy and security on every platform.
    One-Click VPN supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux with UDP and TCP protocols. Admins have the permission to assign VPNs to employees and track their activities in real-time.

  • Safe network architecture across offices.
    Some network resources and databases can only be accessed internally, meaning that employees at other offices cannot access them. This can be troublesome for some companies. One-Click VPN solves this problem by enabling employees to securely access the resources in different branch offices, thereby enhancing workplace efficiency and flexibility.

  • Simple one-click connection anytime, anywhere.
    Digital development and COVID-19 have changed the way we work. IT management is increasingly challenging due to the increased number of remote employees. One-Click VPN is especially helpful for those working remotely or frequently on business trips. They can easily submit or approve requests and access corporate resources via VPN.

You can find more information about One-Click VPN here.

Find out what other users say about One-Click WiFi and One-Click VPN

After using the UID beta it seems to allow an easy connection for the VPN and Wi-Fi information that is pre-configured for the user. This makes it easy for the user to have all of their settings configured in the app and then they can connect with a one click experience.
Once I became aware of UniFi ID and its VPN solution, I had to try it out! Our remote salesmen have always had issues submitting their orders remotely. Once we installed Unifi ID and configured the VPN server, our salesmen were able to connect into our system and submit their orders faster and more secure than ever before. It's easy to use and the visually appealing desktop/mobile client is a game-changer. I can't wait until we start implementing the access system for our door controls at both of our facilities. Well done!
I posted my UID work from home First Impression [here]({target="_blank"} and not much has changed. However, I would like to share that I'm loving the one-click VPN option. There have been multiple occasions where I needed to access devices or files on my local network while I was out of town. The VPN functionality makes it so easy, I don't know what I would do without it. Recently, I had a family emergency and I could not access my Smart Lighting remotely, by utilizing the UID-VPN I was able to VPN into my home network and turn on the Smart Lighting as I could access the controller through my VPN.
I love the one-click VPN functionality. It takes all the guess work out of configuring a VPN. The only issue I have with the VPN is that you are not able to choose the vLan for the VPN and no default firewall rules are setup to block access from the IoT network to the VPN created by UID. A VPN group must be created after the install to block IoT traffic to the VPN. It would be nice to have the VPN assign a vLan based on the user. This would allow co-workers the ability to access my home lab but not my personal/corporate network. Assigning the vLan could also mitigate the firewall issue if the rules were already created.
One click VPN has been awesome, with two small wrinkles. Firstly setting it up the first time in lab was beautifully simple. it just worked first try. However, once I deployed it onto the primary wan the VPN broke. After fiddling with it and adding it and removing it half a dozen times eventually I was able to get it to deploy successfully again. It has been working beautifully since. My users love how simple connecting is and the VPN has been super stable and reliable for them. The other wrinkle is a feature I do not believe currently works or perhaps I'm just not able to figure it out. I would like to be able to have VPN users get signed into their assigned VLans instead of the VPN network that I need to create unique firewall policies for. not a major thing but would be very nice. One Click Wi-Fi is a similar but smoother experience. Deployment was so simple I genuinely didn't realize I had already done it and being able to easily give out Wi-Fi Access without sharing a passcode is fantastic. But just like the vpn I would like to be able to assign users to their networks. Maybe I'm just unable to work it out.

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