Wiring the UniFi Access devices
  • 23 May 2023
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Wiring the UniFi Access devices

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Article Summary

When wiring the UniFi Access devices, keep in mind that the UA-Hub supports 12V at 1A.

For any installation with a 24V lock, use an external power supply and follow the Quick Start Guide instructions for connecting devices to an external power supply.

The image below displays a typical UniFi Access setup with two UA-Hubs managing two doors.
UniFi Access setup with two UA-Hubs

The UA-Hub & Reader Installation Guide


Watch the video to install or follow the Installation guide below:


  1. Connect the UA-Hub to your local network with an Ethernet cable via the “PoE In” port. Follow the instructions on the UA-Hub Wiring Quick Guide.
  2. Configure the switch port for UA-Hub. Ensure the switch port for the UA-Hub is configured for the same network segment or VLAN as the UniFi OS Console and that it supports POE++.
  3. Connect the UA-Pro, UA-Lite, and/or a UniFi camera to the UA-Hub port.
  • We recommend connecting these devices to the UA-Hub before launching the setup wizard on the UniFi Access application. If you connect them after the setup wizard is launched, you will need to manually map the UA-Pro/UA-Lite to their respective UA-Hubs.
  1. Refer to the Quick Start Guide to connect third-part, such as third-party motion sensors, magnetic locks, and push buttons as needed.
  • Not all the connections mentioned are necessary. Only follow the instructions for the connection type needed in your specific deployment.


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