Workflows & Approvals: A Future Work Style and Time Saver
  • 20 Mar 2023
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Workflows & Approvals: A Future Work Style and Time Saver

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Article Summary

Workflows & Approvals is one of the core features of UniFi Identity, providing a simplified task management platform for company administrators to manage procurement, recruitment, IT, and other tasks. Workflow efficiency is especially critical for businesses with growing demands.

Workflows & Approvals Benefits

  • Fast
    Workflows and Approvals can be used anytime and anywhere.
    Time to get rid of drafting, editing, and printing out approval forms in hard copy and arranging them by files and folders. Workflows & Approvals eliminates all these hassles by simplifying and automating the approval process.

  • Cost-effective
    Save tons of paperwork and cut down on costs. Employees can use the comment feature to communicate with others easily and directly.

  • Customizable
    Customize the icons for approval forms for easy distinction and create forms using templates. The approval process can also be automated.

  • Transparent approval process & traceability
    The entire process, from request submission to approval, can be tracked and filtered by all the approvers and those cc'd in the requests.

  • Simple (Editable)
    An employee who has already submitted a request to take one day off from work but wants to change it to 4 hours can easily modify the request and re-submit it.
    Approval forms can be designed easily through drag-and-drop. There are no limits to how many fields can be added to a form.

Use Cases

  • Working from home
    Employees who need to work from home or remotely can submit requests and get approved instantly. HRs can also use these records to understand who is currently on-site or off-site.

  • Purchase records
    Employees requiring new hardware or software can submit purchase requests to their supervisors. These requests can then be compiled as purchase records.

  • Resource requests
    Employees needing permission for software or resources can submit requests to their supervisors.

  • Role requests
    Employees can use the forms to easily request different role permissions, such as administrators for specific projects.

  • Health tracking
    Employees can record their body temperature, COVID-19 vaccination certificates, and COVID-19 PCR test results in a form and submit it to HRs.

  • Work overtime
    HRs can use employees' clock in and out time as attendance records and calculate overtime and absence hours.

  • Time off records
    HRs can use employees' requests to take time off from work as attendance records to calculate the remaining annual leave days.

  • Track company devices
    The whereabouts of company devices can be tracked from employees' requests to take company devices home for work.

Refer to Workflows & Approvals for more details.

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